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Messenger of buddha

king Ashoka

During the third century BC, Buddhism was spread by Ashoka(BC 270 – BC 232), the third and the most powerful Mauryan emperor. After the battle of Kalinga, Ashoka felt immense grief due to the huge loss of lives during the war and thus decided to follow the path of Buddhism. After this, he began to implement Buddhist principles in the administration of his kingdom and named the new code of conduct ‘Dhamma’. Here, in order to inform everyone about his new political and ruling philosophy, he got edicts (proclamation) inscribed on stone pillars and placed them throughout his kingdom, which are present even today.

Ashoka not only helped in spreading the religion within India but outside his kingdom also by sending missions to distant lands. On some occasions, he acted upon the invitation of foreign rulers, such as King Tishya of Sri Lanka. On others, he sent monks as envoys at his own initiative. These visiting monastics, however, did not forcefully pressure others to convert, but simply made Buddha’s teachings available, allowing people to choose for themselves. This is evidenced by the fact that in such places as Southern Burma,Buddhism soon took root, while in others, such as the Greek colonies in Central Asia, there is no record of any immediate impact.

List of countries reached 

Ashoka pillar at Wat U Mong near Chiang Mai, Thailand

  1. Sri lanka
  2. Tibet
  3. Burma
  4. Thailand
  5. Cambodia
  6. Vietnam
  7. Indonesia
  8. Pakistan
  9. Afghanistan
  10. Iran
  11. Uzbekistan
  12. China
  13. Nepal
  14. Syria
  15. Greece
  16. Egypt
  17. All over India.
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