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Interpretation of the Nataraja statue

Thought of god triumphs over ignorance and confusion.

The submission to god clears the ego from the heart.

The hand signal ‘Fear not’ assures the safe journey from suffering to liberation.

The cobra represents the desire.

The hand pointing towards the raised foot secretly signifies his devotees to have sense of submission and belief.

The small drum awakes the souls from illusion.

The divine smile on god’s face represents balance,harmony and peace.

The fire on the hand represents liberated souls.

Flying  galaxies(fire) represent oneness of god and uncertainty of worldly things.

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The circular or elliptical frame surrounding the Lord represents cycle of creation and destruction.the purpose of this cycle is to release the souls from the snare of illusion.Small statue on god’s hair represents river ganga.Finally the dance pose of Shiva represents play(Lila) of god.

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