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The Will of God

God was the Truth in the beginning, and has been so in all the ages.

He is the Truth now, and shall forever be so.

Simply by contemplating on God, we cannot understand Him, even though we may think hundreds of thousands of times.

By keeping silent (Thinking), the mind does not receive satisfaction even though it thinks with constant absorption. (Men cannot silence the mind by remaining silent continuously. )

Hunger for God is not appeased – Knowledge of God is not obtained, though one may study the relevant literature of the world.

We may have a hundred thousand folds of wisdom, even this does not help us understand God. (At the time of death intellectual smartness also stays behind)

Then, how can we know the Truth (The True One), and how can we remove our doubts?

Nanak says, the answer is to stay in the Will of God

Such is the Name of God

What ever pleases You, is the right thing (deed)!

All forms get created by His inexpressible will

Highs and lows; joys and sorrows are His will

Some, by His Command, are blessed and forgiven; others, by His Command, wander aimlessly forever

O Nanak, no one is high or low

See the brotherhood of all mankind as the highest order of Yogis; conquer your own mind, and (consequently you will) conquer the world.

– Guru Nanak in the Japji Sahib

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