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Sri Ramana Maharshi’s sayings

Even though the reality of the Self has been explained in many ways,
the truth of it remains unspoken because it can only be known by
directly experiencing it. Those who seek liberation are prevented from
having this direct experience by their minds which hold onto the
deeply-rooted conviction ‘I am the body/mind’.


Distracted as we are by various thoughts, if we would continuously
contemplate the Self, which is Itself God, this single thought would
in due course replace all distraction and would itself ultimately vanish; the pure Consciousness that alone finally remains is God. This is Liberation.
All knowledge is meant only to lead the person to the realisation of
the Self. The scriptures or religions are well-known to be for that
purpose. What do they all mean? Leave alone what they say of the past or of the future; for it is only speculative. But the present
existence is within the experience of all. Realise the pure Being.
There is an end to all discourses and disputes.
A visitor asked: Sri Bhagavan said last night that God is guiding us.
Then why should we make an effort to do anything?
M.: Who asks you to do so? If there was that faith in the guidance of
God this question would not have arisen.
D.: The fact is that God guides us. Then what is the use of these
instructions to people?
M.: They are for those who seek instructions. If you are firm in your
belief in the guidance of God, stick to it, and do not concern yourself with what happens around you. Furthermore, there may be
happiness or misery. Be equally indifferent to both and abide in the
faith of God. That will be so only when one’s faith is strong that God
looks after all of us.
Mr. Chopra asked: “How shall I secure that firm faith?”
M.: Exactly. It is for such as these who want instructions. There are
persons who seek freedom from misery. They are told that God guides all and so there need not be any concern about what happens. If they are of the best type they at once believe it and firmly abide by faith in God. But there are others who are not so easily convinced of the truth of the bare statement. They ask: “Who is God? What is His nature? Where is He? How can He be realised?” and so on. In order to satisfy them intellectual discussion is found necessary. Statements are made, their pros and cons are argued, and the truth is thus made clear to the intellect. When the matter is understood intellectually the earnest seeker begins to apply it practically. He argues at every moment, “For whom are these thoughts? Who am I?” and so forth, until he is well-established in the conviction that a Higher Power guides us. That is firmness of faith. Then all his doubts are cleared and he needs no further instructions.
Talk 596

~ Sri Ramana Maharshi

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