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Subtitles for linkin park songs

Download subtitles for your linkin park video songs.

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Best freewares list for windows

These selected softwares are completely free.these programs will make your computer more powerful multimedia tool.Here is the list of best freewares for windows 7.This list is extensive and includes programs that can do the unbelievable tasks on your computer..this list is updated periodically to include new programs.

Km media player to play all media files—-download KM media player

Faststone image viewer to view and edit photos—download faststone viewer

Panopreter(Convert text files into mp3 files)–download panopreter

Camstudio(Record your destop)–download camstudio Read more…

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A.L.I.C.E. is a chatterbot, an AI (artificial intelligence) computer program that can carry on almost humanlike conversation. The name Alice stands for Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity.Alice is a chatterbot whose winning “personality” has gained her many online fans.Try a chat with alice is really fun..

In the 1990’s, Dr. Richard Wallace developed a chatterbot system that could be written in an XML specification called AIML, short for Artifical Intelligence Markup Language, and “ALICE” was born.There are around 25000 templates in her brain, and the’re still growing. Dr. Wallace’s unique one liners as responses is what gives ALICE her unique personality. This project chooses to go open source for the same reasons as ALICE, providing Visual Basic programmers a framework to continue to build upon and become the Microsoft Windows equivalent to the SETL environment’s ALICE. Read more…