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Dharma – what is good?

It is most difficult to define Dharma. Dharma has been explained to be that which helps the upliftment of living beings. Therefore, that which ensures the welfare of living beings is surely Dharma. The learned rishis have declared that which sustains is Dharma.

– In Mahabharata,shanthi parva,109 9-11.

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It has no answer

“A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.”
          – A Chinese proverb

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Sri Ramana Maharshi’s sayings

Even though the reality of the Self has been explained in many ways,
the truth of it remains unspoken because it can only be known by
directly experiencing it. Those who seek liberation are prevented from
having this direct experience by their minds which hold onto the
deeply-rooted conviction ‘I am the body/mind’.

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Formula number one !!!

Our mind is built with infinity . the tide of thought drown us .The life contains both good and bad,they have variable combinations as vast as our mind.


  • The good never wins
  • The evil never wins
  • The most interesting of this equation is zero.the zero keeps the world in motion.our minds are designed such way that we can’t make  the evil or good extinct out of the world and the fight never stops..
  • Out of blue all evil persons turned good in a group,the person acting as good will turn evil.As the same way if  all good turned evil,Evil person feels the need to do good.
  • You have experienced above equation when solving quarrel in a never see all the persons at one side.they always say infinite reasons to support evil.others say infinite reasons to support good as well.
  • Even governments do not disturb this equation.they let live the evil and good in same society.the duty of the courts is to keep the good person in the hope and the evil in fear.
  • There is a saying, ‘No one is bad nor good’ Read more…
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Interpretation of the Nataraja statue

Thought of god triumphs over ignorance and confusion.

The submission to god clears the ego from the heart.

The hand signal ‘Fear not’ assures the safe journey from suffering to liberation.

The cobra represents the desire.

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Origin of Dravidians.

The Dravidian race consists predominantly of south Indians. They are characterized by their dark complexion, large foreheads and dark hair and eyes. According to experts, this race arrived in India around 3000 B C.The word Dravida may also have its origin from Sanskrit ‘drava’ – meaning “flowing” or “watery”. The word Dravidian may have been used to identify people living close to the water.


The Dravidians were India’s first inhabitants.Archaeologists believe the Dravidians migrated to India from East Africa in prehistoric times.After their settlement in India, they established a very sophisticated culture. Their religion was earth centric and was based on the worship of life-giving forces in nature. They made offerings of plants and herbs to these force. Read more…

Best freewares list for windows

These selected softwares are completely free.these programs will make your computer more powerful multimedia tool.Here is the list of best freewares for windows 7.This list is extensive and includes programs that can do the unbelievable tasks on your computer..this list is updated periodically to include new programs.

Km media player to play all media files—-download KM media player

Faststone image viewer to view and edit photos—download faststone viewer

Panopreter(Convert text files into mp3 files)–download panopreter

Camstudio(Record your destop)–download camstudio Read more…

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